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I’ve been MIA

I’ve been a bit MIA recently.  Mostly because I’ve been studying for my comprehensive exam.  Which was yesterday!  So relieved to have that over and done.  At least until I find out whether I passed.

And while I had been eating well for the most part beforehand, last night I went a little nuts.  I had a burger, fries, and ate the majority of a chocolate chip brownie.  Oh and I drank 2 cocktails.  I take my celebrating seriously.


I am finding that titles are not my strong suit.

I know it’s going to take some time to get used to my internship and figuring out what types of food to take.  And figuring out when I can sneak a snack in.  One of the good things is that my internship site has a fridge.  I know, right?  My other one last semester didn’t.  One of the bad things is that every single time I have to use the restroom, I need to ask someone for the key.  Really?

I didn’t work out.  I had packed my gym bag and an extra snack, with every intention of going.  Until the end of the day came, and everyone was like “Hey! Let’s go to happy hour!”  Since I’m new, I felt like it would give me an opportunity to get to know the folks I’ll be working with for the next few months.  So I went.  And I had a beer.  And some bread.  And a bunch of cheese.

Then I came home and felt totally terrible.  I got a migraine and was generally in a bad mood.  And I headed to bed at around 8 p.m.  And slept the entire night, after I took some pain meds.  Poor hubby.

So, I think the moral of the story is that when I’m eating well and then I eat poorly, I feel terrible.  I know, I know, it’s not rocket science or anything, but it was well-established last night.  I have been trying to weigh myself everyday to get a feel for fluctuations.  I have had a long love/hate relationship history with the scale, so this is a bit of a challenge for me.  I was pretty sure I gained 2 pounds last night, but it was like .4, so I felt a bit of a weight taken off 🙂

This morning, I decided “It’s a new day!” and went ahead with my steel cut oats and fixings, and while D was off getting a haircut, I put in a little Bob Harper “Pure Burn, Super Strength”.  I’ve done it about 4 – 5 times now, I think, and I am definitely feeling stronger.  The (knee) push-ups aren’t as hard as they were at the beginning, and I’m even able to add the “little jump” at certain points.

I had a really awesome post-workout homemade smoothie with protein powder, a banana, a little honey, some oats, and almond milk.  Delish!  Had lunch a few hours later, after I got some more studying in.  Now, we are making balsamic glazed chicken with mushrooms and zucchini.

I’m the baddest, baby, in the atmosphere.

Yes, somehow I have a Rhianna song stuck in my head this morning.

Yesterday I let Bob kick my butt again.  I haven’t been super motivated yesterday or today to go to the gym.  And I just ate breakfast, so I’m thinking it would probably not be a good idea to work out just yet. 

I’m mostly nervous, because I start my new internship tomorrow.  It’s been a lot easier to have more free time the last couple of weeks to make food and exercise when I feel like it.  Now is when it gets more challenging.  I’ll have to plan ahead and think when I pack lunch and snacks.  Last semester I didn’t plan much, and it led to at least a 5 pound weight gain.  So far I have lost about 5 pounds since I started on January 1 (yay!).  I would like to keep moving in a downward trajectory.

That being said, any tips for packing healthy lunches and snacks?  Thank you in advance 🙂

i won’t hesitate anymore

I’ve been trying to study today, but I’ve been so distracted!  Our unit backs up to the laundry room and someone has literally been doing laundry all day.  And sneezing.  And talking on the phone.  And the landlord and other people have been coming in and out of the area, and I am pretty easily distracted, so I decided to paint my nails. Haha

At any rate, yesterday I did a pretty good gym workout, with 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I tried to jog on the treadmill, but felt a bit self-conscious, so I stuck with walking.  I put it at a 1.5 incline and varied the speed up a bit. 

I did OK with lunch, but later in the afternoon I started to get the munchies.  Then D texted me to let me know that his dad was dropping by… which sent me into a cleaning frenzy.  I probably burned 100 calories just from running around, lifting things and moving stuff around 🙂  It warded off the munchie monster though!  Then we went out to dinner, which I’m still trying to figure out.  I love meat, and a burger sounded really good, but I figured I should maybe try something else that I don’t get very often.  I ended up with a shrimp dish that came with black beans, some kind of rice, and vegetables.  I told D that the rice was really good, and that it probably had butter in it.  To be honest, I feel a little weird asking for certain modifications of food at restaurants, and even feel weird asking “Is this cooked in butter?”.  I should probably work on that a bit.

Then we came home and had tea and chatted.  I was craving chocolate, so I looked at our hot chocolate container, and it was 80 calories for 2 tablespoons, so I decided to go for it.  I chose pretty well at dinner, so it was OK, right? 🙂

This morning I went looking for a Bob Harper DVD that I used to do all the time before we got married.  Kind of embarrassing, but it had been so long since I last did the video, I didn’t recognize the outside packaging!  I got a good laugh out of that one.  Bob’s “Pure Burn” video kicked my butt!  Holy cow it was hard.  Harder than I remember it being (not surprising).  I was huffing and puffing and sweating, and probably swearing too.

I struggled to get my workout clothes off so I could shower, let’s just say that.  And shampooing my hair was extra challenging.

For a snack today, while taking a break from my not-so-successful study session- consisted of some light yogurt with apple slices and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  It was actually SO good.  It may become a new go-to, just an easy and good afternoon snack.

I was going to say “I’m off to study,” but then I realized it’s about time to start making dinner.  I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants a bit on meals (and we’ve been eating out a bit the last few days) so we shall see what I come up with tonight!

The weekend- some new things tried.

I was in the middle of a post yesterday and my computer decided to freeze up, and I could’t get it to un-freeze.  Thankfully D knows a lot about computers, so he was able to check it out and get me back up and running.  But then I spent the rest of yesterday studying and went to dinner with friends, so the post didn’t happen.  So, please forgive the belated nature of this post 🙂

Last Friday I went on a very, very brisk walk (according to Endomondo, which I recently downloaded, as it posts directly to MFP and is oh-so-handy in that regard).  Then I did the Shred, phase 1, day 5.  Felt pretty good.  That afternoon though, while studying, I got hit really hard with the munchies!  I had some low-fat cottage cheese.  Then some green tea.  Then I busted out the celery.  Celery might be crunchy, but it just wasn’t hitting the spot.


I was able to persevere through until dinner, when I made a yummy tostada-like thing with black beans, an organic whole wheat tortilla, skinless chicken breast, lots o’ onions, and organic tomato slices.  I had been craving Mexican food (as per usual), and this fit the bill.  Sorry, no pics ‘cuz I ate it too fast!  Then I wanted something sweet, like frozen yogurt.  But it was fah-reezing.  So we ducked into a cute little restaurant and had a slice of pie and some tea.  It was a nice date night with D.

Saturday morning, we had a hike scheduled with some friends.  First, D scraped the front and back windshields, because, well, see below:


We don’t get too much of that around these parts, so it was photo-worthy 🙂

Then, we drove over to meet up with our friends, and saw these on our hike:


REDWOODS!  Don’t see much of those around here either.  It was very exciting, and reminded me of the good ‘ol college days 🙂

Then we went to a little cafe and while we waited for a table, were brought warm coffee.  Definitely great after feeling chilled from the hike!



The food was really good, but definitely wasn’t on-plan.  Weekends are turning out to be more challenging for me, it seems.

SundayI made some “perfect paleo pancakes” from a recipe that I found online, which ended up being mucho calories… I was just tired of my steel cut oats and wanted to try something different:


Let it be known that I have a great love for peanut butter.  And this was chocked full of it.  So good, but definitely not going to be a regular occurrence around these parts.

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the afternoon (at a very brisk pace for 50 minutes) while D watched more football.  I knew I needed to get moving and also that we were going out to eat with friends again that evening.



I call that photo “my shadow self goes for a walk”.

The Lebanese food we had for dinner was AWESOME.  But I crazy went over on my daily calories (by like 500 calories).  I know that’s going to happen at times, but it’s still hard when I want to see some RESULTS, ya know?  I know I just have to keep at it and eat well the majority of the time.

To end, I just want to leave you with this.  Because it makes me smile.



sometimes my trouble gets so thick/I can’t see how I’m gonna get through it

A friend of mine told me that Trader Joe’s sells rosemary almonds.  On my trip to the store yesterday, I looked for them high and low, but alas, they eluded me.  I decided to try to make some myself, since we have a rosemary bush and almonds, and the recipe I found online was super simple.  However, the recipe said to leave them in the oven for 20 minutes.  And I ended up with very burnt almonds.  Sad day.  I’ll try again at another point.

It rained last night, and I didn’t particularly relish the thought of wading through the mud and horse poop on my morning walk, so I opted out.  This morning I went to the gym to try Pilates.  I have done Pilates before, both at the gym and with a home video, and my core generally tells me about it for a few days afterward.  I was kind of craving a good core exercise.  And I planned to stay for yoga afterward (same instructor).  Well, the session was a half hour, and I should’ve known by the way the instructor was just calling out positions at the very beginning of class without showing them that I was in trouble… I also couldn’t find my yoga mat.  Usually it’s in the trunk of my car, but it’s nowhere to be found.  Curious.  So I used one of the torn up ones at the gym.  I basically sweated and grunted my way through the class.  It also hurt my knees quite a bit (during the on-your-knees exercises)- from all the weight I put on them I’m assuming.  I am also pretty sure that I didn’t complete even one move correctly.  Except maybe the side plank move, which I’ve done a bunch of in the past so I knew what to do.  At the end I swore I’d never return, but we all know what happens when we say “never”.  I also decided to pass on the yoga session… maybe with a different instructor.  Live and learn.

I moved onto the elliptical, which is a good friend of mine.  And I merrily sweated away an hour on there.

Came home, cooked up a couple of turkey burgers (sans bun) and the leftover squash.  I put a slice of pepper jack cheese on one of the burgers ( deliciousness).  

Then, I tried to study for the comps.  I cannot wait until this test is all over in 16 days.  Well, there’s a lot to review between now and then, but I am looking forward to the pressure being off a bit.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, somewhere in there, I took a nap.  Then I woke up and had a string cheese and sliced fuji apple snack.

i walk on down the hill through grass grown tall and brown…

So my study group for the comprehensive exam decided not to meet the other day.  Too bad I already drove 2+ hours to get there, and even left early so I’d be on time.  So I got that cappuccino (with a dusting of cinnamon) I mentioned before, and chatted with a friend by a crackling fire.  Turned out quite lovely.


This morning, since I ran out of steel cut oats, I toasted up a couple of frozen waffles and put a tablespoon of peanut butter on each, with slices of banana.  Figured with all the exercise, I could use some extra potassium anyway!

Then, after doing internship-related things, I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Sometimes i can’t believe we live where we do.  I mean, we definitely couldn’t afford any of the houses even if we were in the market to buy.  But it’s nice to look and enjoy a peaceful place to walk.  And see horses and emu and small horses (all of which I refer to as Lil’ Sebastian, of course, a la Leslie Knope).

I also embarked on day 4 of phase 1 of the Shred.  I actually felt a bit stronger today, but the jump rope part kills me every time… and the butt kicks.  I know it’ll just take some time to feel better, and less like I’m going to barf by the third circuit.

Last night, I peeled and chopped and made butternut squash.  I used a tablespoon of olive oil, which ended up being more than enough to cover all my squash.  Then I used some of the Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning before tossing it again and putting it into the oven.  Turned out pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself.