Eating out

Last night I went to have coffee with a friend.  Unfortunately as of late, going out strikes fear into my heart.  I have a tendency to want the sugar-laden beverages, you see.  I eyed the mocha (it couldn’t be that bad with nonfat milk?), or the hazelnut latte (love love love hazelnut).  But I decided to play it safe with a non-fat cappuccino. 

Today was my first day eating in a restaurant for lunch since I started this whole journey.  I pored over my fitness pal to check calorie and fat contents… and don’t get me started on the sodium.  Oy.  I decided that if I did choose something really bad, I could make up for it at dinner.  And I decided to look at the information, but not obsess about it, and just pick something I knew I’d enjoy… enjoy it, and then log it.  And it worked!  Although I didn’t really want to log the chips.  I didn’t realize that they were coming with my taco combo, but they did, and I couldn’t resist.  Plus I worked out on the elliptical today for an hour (said I burned 650+ calories), and I felt like I could eat a small cow.  So I ate the chips.  I think I’ll survive.  Tonight may be a tuna salad night though…


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