The weekend- some new things tried.

I was in the middle of a post yesterday and my computer decided to freeze up, and I could’t get it to un-freeze.  Thankfully D knows a lot about computers, so he was able to check it out and get me back up and running.  But then I spent the rest of yesterday studying and went to dinner with friends, so the post didn’t happen.  So, please forgive the belated nature of this post 🙂

Last Friday I went on a very, very brisk walk (according to Endomondo, which I recently downloaded, as it posts directly to MFP and is oh-so-handy in that regard).  Then I did the Shred, phase 1, day 5.  Felt pretty good.  That afternoon though, while studying, I got hit really hard with the munchies!  I had some low-fat cottage cheese.  Then some green tea.  Then I busted out the celery.  Celery might be crunchy, but it just wasn’t hitting the spot.


I was able to persevere through until dinner, when I made a yummy tostada-like thing with black beans, an organic whole wheat tortilla, skinless chicken breast, lots o’ onions, and organic tomato slices.  I had been craving Mexican food (as per usual), and this fit the bill.  Sorry, no pics ‘cuz I ate it too fast!  Then I wanted something sweet, like frozen yogurt.  But it was fah-reezing.  So we ducked into a cute little restaurant and had a slice of pie and some tea.  It was a nice date night with D.

Saturday morning, we had a hike scheduled with some friends.  First, D scraped the front and back windshields, because, well, see below:


We don’t get too much of that around these parts, so it was photo-worthy 🙂

Then, we drove over to meet up with our friends, and saw these on our hike:


REDWOODS!  Don’t see much of those around here either.  It was very exciting, and reminded me of the good ‘ol college days 🙂

Then we went to a little cafe and while we waited for a table, were brought warm coffee.  Definitely great after feeling chilled from the hike!



The food was really good, but definitely wasn’t on-plan.  Weekends are turning out to be more challenging for me, it seems.

SundayI made some “perfect paleo pancakes” from a recipe that I found online, which ended up being mucho calories… I was just tired of my steel cut oats and wanted to try something different:


Let it be known that I have a great love for peanut butter.  And this was chocked full of it.  So good, but definitely not going to be a regular occurrence around these parts.

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the afternoon (at a very brisk pace for 50 minutes) while D watched more football.  I knew I needed to get moving and also that we were going out to eat with friends again that evening.



I call that photo “my shadow self goes for a walk”.

The Lebanese food we had for dinner was AWESOME.  But I crazy went over on my daily calories (by like 500 calories).  I know that’s going to happen at times, but it’s still hard when I want to see some RESULTS, ya know?  I know I just have to keep at it and eat well the majority of the time.

To end, I just want to leave you with this.  Because it makes me smile.




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