I’m the baddest, baby, in the atmosphere.

Yes, somehow I have a Rhianna song stuck in my head this morning.

Yesterday I let Bob kick my butt again.  I haven’t been super motivated yesterday or today to go to the gym.  And I just ate breakfast, so I’m thinking it would probably not be a good idea to work out just yet. 

I’m mostly nervous, because I start my new internship tomorrow.  It’s been a lot easier to have more free time the last couple of weeks to make food and exercise when I feel like it.  Now is when it gets more challenging.  I’ll have to plan ahead and think when I pack lunch and snacks.  Last semester I didn’t plan much, and it led to at least a 5 pound weight gain.  So far I have lost about 5 pounds since I started on January 1 (yay!).  I would like to keep moving in a downward trajectory.

That being said, any tips for packing healthy lunches and snacks?  Thank you in advance 🙂


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