Early morning workouts

As a self-professed not a morning workout person, what did I do yesterday?  A morning workout, before breakfast.  I know, crazy!  And I didn’t die.  Though I did feel a little less energetic, and I only felt like I had to throw up a couple of times.  Maybe I’ll be converted?

It sure would make things easier in some ways.  Then I get it in, get it done, and move on.  But I’m afraid that waking up at 5 a.m. three days a week would make me a grouchy bear.  Perhaps I should just try it and see what happens.



One response to “Early morning workouts”

  1. Casie says :

    I used to hate waking up early and working out, but I love it now. I can’t believe you were to work before eating anything though! I need to fuel up before hitting the gym.

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