Spin class, a shirt and a snack

Today is brought to you by… the letter S!




Shall we get started?

Yesterday’s workout involved a very intense cardio session on one of these babies:

spin bike


I got there early, in order to try to get a spot underneath a fan.  I was successful!  However, it always means that I am hidden on the side of the room, so the instructor can’t really see me in the dark.

I found that out when I went up to talk with her after class, and asked if she had any tips for me on my form, etc.  She said “You’re going to have to be right in front of me and remind me before class starts to check out your form, instead of hiding on the side!”  Haha.  Whoops.  We also talked about cycle shoes and their benefits.  I’ve been contemplating getting some for about a month or so, and maybe I’ve been coveting the shoes others in the classes have – hehe.  She made a good point- you’re really only going to need one pair in your life (unless something happens, like ya get pregnant and your feet change size).  So it’s about $70-$80 for a pair with the indoor clip-in thingies.  I’m going to peruse the internet to see what I can find.

I also want to share a snack that is amazing!  Like, life-changing.

OK, maybe not, but it’s darn good.

Peanut butter, forever!

Peanut butter, forever!

I didn’t have this after spin yesterday, but I wish I had.  Seriously, these packets of almond butter are addicting.  I’m glad that I haven’t bought an entire jar of the stuff, because that would get dangerous very, very quickly.

Also, this shirt?  Need it in my closet.



Happy Tuesday!


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