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Hi there.  I was going to pass on posting today, because I have a crap-ton to do before our trip.  But I wanted to do a little write-up on my workout yesterday.

Yes, I did a new-to-me yoga class.  My quads were in fi-yah! from stand-up paddle boarding on Tuesday, so I thought yoga would be a good choice.

Wow, yoga is hard!

I sweated.  And stretched.  And looked around to make sure I was doing the moves (mostly) correctly.  And I sweated some more.  And I did the moves wrong.  And I tried to have grace with myself, because as the instructor said “If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we have work to do… well, we all have work to do”.  

I kind of appreciated the mind-body connection component.  Especially because I’ve felt kind of frazzled with the job hunt, and feeling like nothing is coming from all of my labor.  It was really nice to unwind and listen to my body more than I have in awhile.

However, the moves were challenging for me.  I guess I’m pretty tight!

We did a lot of downward facing dog, which is good, because I can actually get into that position.



Disclaimer: this is totally not me.

However, the tabletop one, not so much.



I could only get to this point, which was fine by me:



Bridge pose has my vote, it felt amazing.

I unfortunately didn’t carry my good vibes through the night and was a bit impatient with the hubs.  Oops.

Again, grace.


Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)

Yesterday I went stand-up paddle boarding for the first time.  A friend took me, and it was really fun!

However, after awhile, I started to feel a bit seasick, which seemed weird to me, but my friend said she has heard others have mentioned that as well.  Definitely going to get some seasick meds before leaving for vacation!


Like in the water, beneath us.  Granted it was a bottom-feeder and not at all interested in eating us, but still.  It was the first time I’ve ever seen one while in the water, so it was kind of a big deal.

The first time I fell off the board, I started kind of freaking out and immediately wanted to get back onto the board.  My friend came over and helped me, but told me that it was important to stay calm.

The second time I fell, I did a little less freaking out, but was still kind of scared.

I never actually stood up, mostly because it was afternoon and the wind was picking up the longer we were out there, and the whole starting to feel seasick thing.  But being on my knees gave me an idea of how challenging that will be.

I got to the point where I just said “OK I’m done for the day,” and my friend was gracious enough to let me take a pass and get out 🙂

Holy cow.  When we exited the water, I could BARELY stand.  My legs were like jelly.  I haven’t felt that way in a really long time.  I had to sit down (both to recover my land legs and to get my head to stop sloshing).

No on-the-water pics because I don’t have a waterproof camera.

Status of legs today: sore in the quads.  Arms, also a bit sore (both biceps and triceps).  Awesome!

Great week!

Last week was an amazing workout week.  

Here’s the low-down:

Monday – 60 minute spin class and 10 minute treadmill cool-down

Tuesday – 65 min on the elliptical with a friend

Wednesday – Cybex walker thing (for lack of a better term) kicked my butt for 20 minutes, and then I jogged for 15 minutes (11:26 pace).  I cut my workout short, because I had beach plans

Thursday – Amazing hike (5.75 miles) with a friend

Friday – Warm-up on the spin bike for 10 minutes, then spin class (which ended up being 65 minutes), and then a 35 minute cool-down walk on the treadmill

Friday after spin, I went to turn in my ticket to the instructor, and she said “Wow, you really brought it today; you took it to the next level for yourself!”  I was so stoked about that.  I’ve been taking her class for a few months, and she usually calls me out on average 1 time per class, but that day, she called me out a few times, and then the after-class comment.  It made me feel SO good.

I took it easy this past weekend, which was nice after an activity-filled week.  Which also included job hunting.

Cuban food, hippie store, and new hairs

On Tuesday, I met up with someone that worked at the school I interned at last semester.  We met for Cuban food!  And to be honest, a cupcake.  It was a delicious vanilla coconut cupcake!  But I didn’t get a pic.  Of either the food or the cupcake.  However, while I was waiting for my friend, I grabbed some iced coffee:

already downed it!

already downed it!

A victory, however, because what I was really eyeing while in line was a delicious soy chai.  However, I had the forethought to consider that there might be other treats in store for the day, and I wasn’t sure if the gym was in my future.  So a success on that front.  However, I could not say no to the coconut cupcake.  What can I say?  I’m addicted to coconut this summer.

That night as I considered what to make for dinner, I realized that I had some lemons that had been hanging around for a while.  And of course, our little basil plant (ok, it’s getting big, but whatever).  So I threw some chicken breasts on the top of the stove (in a pan), and drizzled (alright I actually squeezed a lemon and a half onto them – when all was said and done), and once they were done put some basil on them to make them look fancy and whatnot.

lemon basil chicken


Ooooh girl, you fancy!


While the chicken was cooking in its coconut oil and lemony goodness, I checked for vegetables.  And somehow in the last few months, this happened:



When I saw that, I posted on Instagram: “Who am I, and how did I get this much broccoli in my freezer?”  So I attempted to be an adult and steam an entire bag on top of the stove.  However, I ended up burning the pan.  Who does that?  I ended up putting it all in the microwave to finish it off.  Thankfully no more burning occurred in the making of this dinner.

The moral of the story: no more stove-top steaming for this lady.  (For awhile, at least)

However, while we were eating, and I was cutting up my chicken, I look over, and D is finished with his food and munching on a Snickers bar.  Really?!  I asked if he even ate any vegetables.  He said he would eat them after.  Riiiiiight….

(To be honest, I think that is the first time I have ever seen my husband eat a full size candy bar).

Yesterday, before my hair appointment, I did a short workout circuit at home, using these bad boys:

heck yes!

Heck yes!

Mostly I did a bunch of leg lifts… and some biceps and triceps.

So if you recall, I went to get my hairs cut and highlighted (remember, I wanted to look like J-Lo… later I decided I wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston).  While that didn’t happen (surprise, surprise), after my appointment I did find a fun new store that made me feel like a hippie.  So while I was there, I got some cereal that D was sure to not touch:

D, don't touch!

D, don’t touch!

The ironic thing, is when he got home, he noticed it right away.  “I bet that tastes like cardboard!”  And then he tasted it, and said “Yup, pretty much!”  So I was wrong.  But I bet you he won’t be touching it again!

To be honest, it tastes better with a little bit of a topping.  Remember the packet of heaven/almond butter that I posted the other day?  Yup, I found this at the hippie store…


all things lovely and beautiful...
all things lovely and beautiful…

Yeah, I scooped a tablespoon of that goodness onto my cereal and topped it with some almond milk.  I may have had some more on my toast this morning.  Remind me to tell you about the delicious bread I’ve discovered sometime.

You might be disappointed that I didn’t take a pic of myself underneath those hair dryer things for the first time, but let me tell you, I did feel like I was trying to “phone home”.

During my appointment I tried to be scholarly and start “Beowulf,” because I feel like a failure of a history major for not having read it before.  However, I haven’t even made it through the introduction yet.  That shizz is DENSE.

I think my history major card is going to be revoked for that paragraph.

In other news,