Great week!

Last week was an amazing workout week.  

Here’s the low-down:

Monday – 60 minute spin class and 10 minute treadmill cool-down

Tuesday – 65 min on the elliptical with a friend

Wednesday – Cybex walker thing (for lack of a better term) kicked my butt for 20 minutes, and then I jogged for 15 minutes (11:26 pace).  I cut my workout short, because I had beach plans

Thursday – Amazing hike (5.75 miles) with a friend

Friday – Warm-up on the spin bike for 10 minutes, then spin class (which ended up being 65 minutes), and then a 35 minute cool-down walk on the treadmill

Friday after spin, I went to turn in my ticket to the instructor, and she said “Wow, you really brought it today; you took it to the next level for yourself!”  I was so stoked about that.  I’ve been taking her class for a few months, and she usually calls me out on average 1 time per class, but that day, she called me out a few times, and then the after-class comment.  It made me feel SO good.

I took it easy this past weekend, which was nice after an activity-filled week.  Which also included job hunting.


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