Hi there.  I was going to pass on posting today, because I have a crap-ton to do before our trip.  But I wanted to do a little write-up on my workout yesterday.

Yes, I did a new-to-me yoga class.  My quads were in fi-yah! from stand-up paddle boarding on Tuesday, so I thought yoga would be a good choice.

Wow, yoga is hard!

I sweated.  And stretched.  And looked around to make sure I was doing the moves (mostly) correctly.  And I sweated some more.  And I did the moves wrong.  And I tried to have grace with myself, because as the instructor said “If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we have work to do… well, we all have work to do”.  

I kind of appreciated the mind-body connection component.  Especially because I’ve felt kind of frazzled with the job hunt, and feeling like nothing is coming from all of my labor.  It was really nice to unwind and listen to my body more than I have in awhile.

However, the moves were challenging for me.  I guess I’m pretty tight!

We did a lot of downward facing dog, which is good, because I can actually get into that position.



Disclaimer: this is totally not me.

However, the tabletop one, not so much.



I could only get to this point, which was fine by me:



Bridge pose has my vote, it felt amazing.

I unfortunately didn’t carry my good vibes through the night and was a bit impatient with the hubs.  Oops.

Again, grace.



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