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Home from Vacation, Trying to Get Back Into the Groove!

Since last time we met, I went on a delightful week-long vacation with the hubs to the lovely island of Kauai!

We ate.

We snorkeled.

We lounged.

We hiked.

We read.

We explored.

It was amazing!

Since coming home, I’ve sort of hit the dreaded “I just got home from vacation and am struggling with getting back on-track with my food and exercise plan.”

This week I’ve gone to the gym twice (Monday spin class, Thursday elliptical and treadmill) and went for a (Wednesday) neighborhood 3-ish mile walk once.

I’ve also eaten more of our anniversary cake, which I should likely just toss, but I keep it around because I can’t resist the white chocolate layer… MMMM.

And a photo I took of the Napali Coast, because it’s amazing.Image