bodycombat class

I went to my first BodyCombat class (which I think is a Les Mills creation) two weeks ago. I loved the instructor; she shared a really personal reason for why she is so dedicated to exercise and getting healthy. It helped me connect with her as a person, which I appreciated. I was also very sore the next day! Good, because I’m trying to strengthen and tone! Also, I burned an impressive number of calories for a class that clocked in at just under an hour. 

(I am typing this on a Nook, so forgive the extra typos, I do not use it very often. In fact it will be a miracle if I manage to get this posted, since I seem to have a tendancy to push the wrong buttons).

We went on vacation, so I missed BodyCombat for a week, but I returned yesterday. The class beforehand was a Zumba class, and the room literally felt like a sauna! I couldn’t believe how downright tropical it felt. 

We found out that the A/C was broken, but a call had been made. As this is a high-energy class, there was no small amount of sweat. Thankfully I had a towel and water bottle, which I visited often in the 55 minutes. 

Such a great workout! And the instrutor moved around the room frequently so we could all see how to perform the next move. She encouraged us to think about our goals and why we’d shown up. She was encouraging too. 

Thanks to the sauna-like temps and all of the cardio, I burned over 700 calories! That’s just crazy. 

And today, I’m sore, just as I was after the last time, though I like to think it isn’t quite as bad, because I’m getting stronger. 



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