Overview of my Piyo Strength Experience So Far… And Another Race?

Today I took, what I think was, my 4th Piyo Strength class.  It is a low-impact workout that combines yoga and pilates.  Let me tell you, I was curious how many calories this would burn, and I have been consistently amazed!  I’ve been wearing my heart rate monitor, and for a 55 minute class, I burn between 550-600 calories.  CRAZY!

There are multiple segments you move through that include flexibility, cardio, and strength.

Today we did more tricep push-ups, which are killer.  I’m doing them on my knees, and it’s still challenging!

I found that I have a difficult time going quickly from plank, to up dog, and transitioning to down dog.

It’s the up dog pose that is challenging me right now.

Upward Dog pose

Upward Dog pose

It’s a combination of upper body strength and pointing my toes like that, which is hard.

I definitely DO NOT look like the lady in the above photo.  Maybe someday 🙂

Before the class, I did some short intervals on the Cybex Arc Trainer, which got my heart pumping before all the Piyo action.

For the past week or so, I’ve been contemplating an upcoming race.  There’s a choice between a 10k (6-mile) and a 10-miler at the end of October.  The registration cost is the same for both.  However, being honest, I haven’t run at all for the past month.  Between the heat, going on vacation, I need new shoes (my pinky toe is poking out of my current pair), and other excuses :), I haven’t been pounding the pavement.  However, I looked up training plans, and I think if I count today as my start, and try out a run tomorrow, I could definitely be ready by then.

It would also be a local race, which would be nice, because we wouldn’t have to get a hotel or any of that stuff.

Anyway, I will see how tomorrow goes, and then make a decision by the end of the week!


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