Happy Friday!

Today has been pretty great. I started out with a quick 40 minutes of jillian michaels’ “no more trouble zones” (free with amazon prime membership). Took a shower real quick and then headed out to hang with some friends for the afternoon. 

We walked and ate Mexican food. Which is basically my favorite food group 🙂 

I’m feeling better today (after my little bout with, what I believe was good poisoning), but didn’t push it as hard as I could’ve with the workout. I just wanted to make sure I’m feeling ok and not about to “toss my cookies” again. Ahem. 

Tomorrow, I’m planning to attend BodyCombat at my gym again. Funny how looking forward to something like that can make an early-ish wake-up on a Saturday more palatable, right?

Plus the a/c was fixed, so it’ll be less sweaty and smelly. Last Saturday the a/c was on the fritz, so the room was basically a sauna after the previous class finished. I felt pretty bad for the class following us, because we worked up a good sweat (to say the least)!


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