Long time, no type


So, since the last time I wrote (an embarrassingly long time ago), I’ve run a couple of races.

A 10-miler at the end of October 2014, with friends, which I got a personal record on! Spoiler: my friends basically unknowingly paced me to a PR. And then I threw up several times afterward. To be honest, after that, I needed a bit of a break from running. I got a bit freaked out that I threw up, even though I knew it was just my bodies reaction to working hard, it had never happened to me. In high school when I ran cross-country, other people would throw up after a hard workout, but that was not me.



Finished and ready for some food!

Finished and ready for some food!

I continued to stay active doing other stuff, and occasionally running, I just didn’t train for anything. I saw that a local half marathon was going to be on May 3rd, so I trained for 9 weeks for that. This was my third half marathon. I got another personal record, which I am super proud of!

half marathon - may 3 2015_2half marathon - may 3 2015

Especially since I got a nasty sinus infection during peak week, and I couldn’t do my last long run. I was feeling good, so I decided to push myself, and got in the 2:30 pace group to start, but after 5-6 miles, I decided it would be best to hang back and not try to catch them after every water station. I also didn’t want a repeat of how I felt after the 10-miler.

Since that race, I’ve been continuing to do Piyo a couple of days a week, for strengthening and stretching, and running 3 days. Last weekend I did my first longer run since the half marathon, almost 9 miles. I took it really slow, and just enjoyed it.

Also, baseball. I went to a game a couple of weeks ago, and I loved the light, the clouds, etc. A baseball game is just good fun.


How about you? Have you done a race lately? Had a good run? Been to a baseball game?


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